Why Our Electric Central Heating is Perfect for British Summertime

It’s our temperamental British summer that perfectly highlights why our electric heating systems are the future when it comes to heating our homes.

Cost-effective. Efficient. Precise. Consistent.

Reliable British summer weather is something we are never guaranteed. Instead of consistently basking in warm summer evenings, we often instead resort to turning on the heating.

The problem?

Firing up a traditional central heating system is not only a huge waste of energy, but can be incredibly expensive. Most traditional heating systems are controlled by one central thermostat, so the entire system has to be turned on, even if you only want to heat one room.

This is where electric central heating leaves the competition standing. Our electric radiators – widely regarded as the very best in German technology – are efficient and cost effective in a way that traditional heating systems are not.


Each radiator’s temperature is individually controlled and has its own internal thermostat, meaning you decide what your perfect room temperature is, and let the finest German precision engineering do the rest. If you only need one room warmed, then that’s exactly what you get.

Electric Radiators Give You Complete Control

Your flexible, thermostat-controlled electric heating system will heat the exact spaces in your home that you ask it to.

You have complete control over the temperature in every room and if you choose our exclusive heatapp option, you can also control your heating when you’re not at home – no more returning to a cold house!


Cost-effectively. Efficiently. Precisely. Consistently.

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(Find out more about our exclusive heatapp here).

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