It is only in the past few years that property developers and homeowners have come to truly appreciate the benefits of replacing a traditional gas central heating system with wall-mounted electric radiators. These comparatively simple pieces of technology have become competitive in the market thanks to the variety of benefits they offer, including lower associated costs and ecological advantages. Whether you’re looking to introduce newer heating elements to your house’s pre-existing system or completely revamp the setup, introducing wall-mounted electric radiators may represent an unconsidered but ideal option for bringing your property fully into the modern era.

1: Lower installation costs

When factoring in additional expenditures such as services and materials, the average cost for a boiler installation can range from £2000 to as much as £4000, depending on the circumstances. Compare this to the cost of the average electric radiator, which is considerably lower, it is easy to see why wall-mounted electric radiators represent a more cost-effective heating solution.

2: No maintenance required

Installing a boiler is usually only the first chapter in a long story of continual repairs, upgrades and maintenance work. A boiler system requires yearly servicing, and the price tag for this usually runs in excess of £100-£150. This is in addition to the myriad of other problems you can come across, especially if you have an older, outdated model of boiler.

Electric radiators, meanwhile, need next to no servicing as they are powered through the mains. Aside from breakages or environmental damages, they are maintenance-free, eliminating the need and cost of plumber callouts, annual servicing and flushing through of systems.

As an added incentive, we are so confident in the longevity and durability of our German ElkaTherm electric radiators that we offer a generous 25 year guarantee.

3: Reduced risks

There are a thousand and one things that can go wrong with a central gas system. Temperamental pipes can freeze and crack during cold weather and expand and burst during hot weather. Poorly installed systems can also lead to mould and mildew, though an equal cause of this can be the reluctance to use a more expensive gas central heating system. Whenever these systems do burst or leak, you will inevitably have to pay for an expensive new installation; not only do wall-mounted electric radiators not suffer from these same risks, but any installations that do occur are cheap and simple.

And while these systems can’t completely protect your property from mould, using the ideal model can help ensure there are no cold spots in the room. Older, traditional convection heating is often conducive to the creation of cold spots, but newer electrical systems distribute heat in an even, constant way.

4: Easy to program and use

As a property developer, there’s no telling what level of skill your future tenants might hold when it comes to using the house’s technical systems. Older gas heating systems often come with unnecessarily complex operating systems, and wear and tear over the years can make these even less operable for the average user. Even if this is not the case and you are the one handling the energy bills, you still want to make sure that whichever heating system you have, it is easy for you to use and manage.

Wall-mounted electric radiators suit these requirements perfectly. They are able to be adjusted individually to accommodate the heating requirements of different rooms, including daily schedules and temperature settings. Tenants will be able to exercise greater control over how they heat their rooms, and owners will be able to manage the property continually even during periods of unoccupancy. You can control the heating either using our Heating App or using digital control.

5: Environmentally-friendly

Central heating systems fuelled by gas are not only often inefficient, they are also non-sustainable. The resources needed to fuel them are not renewable, and they emit harmful pollution. Not only are the best electric heaters energy efficient, but designer electric radiator walls are also fully recyclable, allowing manufacturers to facilitate a continual lifecycle in all their products. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and they do not directly produce carbon dioxide either, so as well as running quietly they run clean.

For more information about the best electric radiators for your needs, contact us at North East Heating Solutions today. We install electric radiator heaters using superb German engineering.