Electric radiators are a new concept to most people. You may have noted their availability while searching for a replacement heater or perhaps you moved to a new property without gas accessibility. If you are wondering whether electric radiators are good value, please note the benefits they offer.

Are electric radiators efficient?

ELKAtherm electric radiators have refined heating elements that can optimise heat delivery and heat retention. They work just like central heating radiators but without the pipes. Their unique design and construction helps to warm a whole room with just a little electricity. It spreads warmth evenly and quickly throughout the room using convection and radiation, giving you much more heat from each Watt of power.

Are they cost-efficient?

While electricity radiators are initially more expensive than gas, they are still very economical. Electric radiators focus on heating just one room, so you don’t waste energy heating unoccupied areas. Besides, in some areas, natural gas can be more expensive than electricity.

How long do electric radiators last?

Compared to fan heaters that are cheaply manufactured to reduce cost, electric radiators are durable, reliable and of high quality. They also have no moving parts so they’re expected to last around 15 years if well taken care of. Annual inspections may be necessary for boiler systems but that’s not the case with electric radiators.

Are they easy to install?

As long as a room has a power outlet, you should be able to install an electric radiator heater without any problems. They don’t require any intensive maintenance work such as plumbing, making them a great option when you’re residing in a lease property.

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