Has the sound of your gas central heating starting up ever sounded like a train about to leave the platform? It can certainly create a cacophony of sound when it wants to.

First, you’ll hear the boiler starting up. Then you’ll hear the water being transported around your home. All the creaks, cracks and noises are immediately noticeable. But what about electric radiators? They have some obvious advantages in your home – is their noise level one of them?

Let’s take a closer look at how noisy electric radiators are. We’ll compare them to the classic gas radiator so that you get an easy comparison. You might be surprised to discover there’s a pretty big difference between the two.

Do Electric Radiators Make a Lot of Noise?

We’re not going to go for a big reveal about this one. The truth is that electric radiators barely make a peep. They’re still mechanical appliances, so that means there are still moving parts within an electric radiator system. But apart from the occasional click, electric radiators are virtually silent.

If you hear an occasional click from your electric radiator, that’s simply because of the material. Our Elkatherm radiators are made of steel, which as you know is a metal. Once heated, that metal naturally expands, and produces a very slight clicking sound. It’s the same with any other appliance that has this assembly.

What if the Clicking Won’t Go Away?

If you do hear your electric radiator clicking more often than it should, then there are a few things you can check.

First of all, have a look at the wall brackets. Check to see if they’re still fitted correctly. Your radiator must be connected to the wall with a solid attachment – if it has moved in any way, then this could be the source of your clicking.

Next, make sure to eyeball the screws found on top of the brackets. These screws play a vital role in attaching the radiator unit to the wall brackets. Take the screws out, lift the unit, and then put it all back together. When you do, make sure that the metallic tab from the bracket makes contact with the radiator body.

What About Gas Radiators?

Gas central heating installations have a different noise category altogether. We weren’t exaggerating earlier when we talked about it sounding like a train leaving the platform. These heaters are notorious for the noise levels they produce.

You’ll recognise the boiler start-up and the flow of heated water making its way around your home. Floorboards creak, walls ache and piping contains the audible sound of liquid rushing through it. These radiators expand too, so don’t be surprised to hear them clicking as the metal reacts to the heat.

And, once in a while, you’ll even have to bleed the radiators in your central heating system. It’s hardly the end of the world, but it’s another part of the maintenance hassles that come with gas radiators.

Electric vs Gas Radiators

So how do the two compare? Well it goes without saying that electric radiators are significantly quieter than gas radiators.

Electric radiators are likely to switch on and off without you even noticing. Your house will be perfectly warm and the installation will be seamless, save for a few clicks here and there. On the other hand, central heating systems are likely to wake you up at night.

In the deep of winter, you’ll be doing all you can to stay cuddled up and warm. Don’t be surprised to be constantly aware of the noise that your radiators make when they kick into gear. The churning of the boiler and clunking of the water making its way around your home will be your company throughout the colder months.

Electric Heating with North East Heating Solutions

So if you’d prefer the sound of silence this winter, why not consider installing electric radiators in your home? At North East Heating Solutions, we specialise in installing reliable, efficient and quiet electric radiators.

After the initial outlay, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful home. You’ll be able to take advantage of a more controllable warmth in every room. Installations that can be fitted in just a day too with no mess.

In fact, for all of these reasons, electric radiators are becoming increasingly popular. Recently, we secured a large order of new electric radiator installations. Our client wanted their gas radiators removed and replaced due to the unbearable noise they were producing.

Why not get in touch with our team today and see how electric radiators could benefit your home? There’s no job too small and our family-run business will find the best heating solution for your home.