Are Electric Radiators Safe? | North East Heating Solutions

The cold temperatures have well and truly set in. The days are shorter and the Christmas adverts will soon appear on the television. You’ve got plenty to keep yourself busy with during winter, so it’s important that you’re comfortable and warm whilst you plan your activities.

Electric radiators won’t make for a particularly exciting Christmas present. But there’s no denying the coverage they’re currently receiving. With promises of efficiency, heating bill reductions and more, are they something you should be considering? The cost saving is an obvious benefit, but how safe are electric radiators inside your home? And how does their safety certificate compare to other more traditional types of heating?

How do other types of heating compare?

You might not be surprised to learn that electric radiators are incredibly safe. In fact, they’re one of the safest types of heating you can install inside your home. This becomes even more obvious when electric radiators are compared to other heating appliances.

One of the most dangerous home heating appliances is a portable heater. Portable electric heaters were responsible for more than 800 fires in the last 5 years. While they can be a great way to heat up a room, they come with an astonishing set of risks.

Portable heaters are often close to the body and other materials. Blankets, duvets and clothing are all at risk of catching fire.

Portable gas heaters are also a popular heating source throughout homes in the United Kingdom. They provide heat quickly, but when they become faulty they present a carbon monoxide poisoning risk as well. At best this makes you feel unwell – at worst, large doses of the gas can be fatal. It’s a legal requirement to have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home and in the workplace.

Central heating comes with its own safety risks too. Fires, explosions and incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning are not unheard of. This becomes a serious risk when radiators and boilers aren’t properly installed. If the system isn’t checked or maintained following the correct procedure, then those hazards become very real indeed.

Older boilers and radiators which haven’t been properly maintained may start to leak, and that creates another set of risks. Gas leaks need to be addressed quickly before explosions or fires occur.

What makes electric radiators safe?

Let’s get straight to it – what makes electric radiators so much safer than other heating setups?

Well, first of all, there’s no gas involved. And if there’s no gas, that means no boiler. No fuel needs to be ignited, and that means that no potentially hazardous fuels are leaked. The risks of gas leaks and even explosions are almost non-existent since no boilers or gases are used.

This also means that electric radiators don’t present a carbon monoxide risk. As we’ve already said – no fuel is burned. This means that carbon monoxide isn’t involved in the heating process and therefore cannot become an issue.

Since electric radiators are secured on the wall, they won’t be coming into contact with potentially flammable items such as curtains. Like portable heaters, the cables aren’t long and at risk of being damaged either.

The elements used to create heat within electric radiators are covered and completely protected. During installation, a rigorous safety procedure must be followed, and before you’re able to use your new electric heating system, it’s checked thoroughly to ensure safety standards are met.

Electric heating with North East Heating Solutions

Now you know why electric radiators are beginning to appear in more and more British homes – and we’ve only mentioned the safety benefits so far.

Sadly, during this winter, homes throughout the United Kingdom will be affected by gas leaks, explosions and fires. With an electric radiator setup, you can make sure that you’re not one of them.

At North East Heating Solutions, we specialise in installing efficient, reliable and safe electric radiators. You can enjoy all of these safety benefits, and the comfort of knowing that being warm inside your home doesn’t come with any hazardous risks.

As well as being a safer option than central heating systems, electric radiators are much more efficient. Your energy bills will be significantly lower and you won’t need to concern yourself with expensive maintenance and repairs either.

Why not get in touch with our team today to learn more about the safety benefits of electric heaters. Our family-run business aims to make sure that you have the best heating solution possible for your home. We can explain the benefits of electric heaters and make your home even safer today.