When it comes to interior design, radiators are considered an ugly distraction. They’re not exactly a work of art, and they shouldn’t be the centre of attention in any room. Traditionally, many people will choose to hide their radiators with covers and shelves. Sometimes, even paint can help them blend in with a room.

But this kind of thinking applies to central heating radiators which are gas-fired. What about electric radiators? Can they be hidden too? Or does the difference in technology mean that they need to be installed, applied, and hidden differently? Can they be hidden at all? Let’s discuss everything you need to know about hiding electric radiators.

Can I Hide My Electric Radiator?

So let’s get straight to it – can you hide electric radiators? Technically speaking, it is possible. However, we would strongly advise that you don’t.

The science behind an electric radiator is relatively simple. As the radiator heats up, the air around it begins to heat up as well. That warm air circulates around a room and spreads heat throughout the majority of its surroundings. Any attempt to cover an electric radiator is almost guaranteed to interfere with that process. The advantages of an electric radiator are efficiency, convenience, and reliability – attempting to hide it negates these strong points.

What About Hiding Traditional Radiators?

On the other hand, it’s generally accepted that central heating radiators can indeed be hidden. This practice does reduce the efficiency of central heating radiators, but there are many solutions that still allow for the heat circulation to perform well.

Painting Radiators

Often, traditional radiators are painted. This helps them blend in with the room, despite slightly reducing their efficiency. Adding a layer of paint isn’t an option with electric radiators for a couple of reasons. First of all, the surface area is much smaller than that of a central heating radiator. Secondly, the paint could potentially cause catastrophic damage to the wiring behind an electric radiator. Programmers, switches, and other dials might be damaged beyond repair.

Covering Radiators

Radiator covers are another popular option. These covers are attractive decorations that are placed over traditional radiators, with vents and holes to allow the warm air to circulate. Again, this isn’t an option for electric radiators. Many electric radiators are free-standing, and it’s difficult to get the dimensions right. It’s also a challenge to design a cover which hides the radiator while also allowing for the circulation of warm air.

Hiding Radiators with Shelves and Furniture

Finally, traditional radiators can be hidden below a shelf, or behind a piece of furniture like a couch or table. When it comes to central heating, these are still poor solutions. Air is still trapped, and the efficiency of heating throughout the room is reduced. This effect is amplified when it comes to electric radiators. Instead of circulating the warm air throughout the room, the air is trapped and not-at-all effective.

Why You Won’t Need to Hide Your Electric Radiators with North East Heating Solutions

So we’ve already confirmed that you can’t paint, cover, or hide electric radiators with furniture and shelving. What on earth are you supposed to do to hide them?

Thankfully, you won’t need to hide electric radiators. Not when you choose to purchase super-efficient, reliable and customisable Elkatherm radiators with North East Heating Solutions.

First of all, these highly attractive and sleek radiators don’t need to be hidden. Unlike ugly and bulky central heating radiators, electric radiators are thin and compact. They’re freestanding, meaning you can fit them on awkward walls, and they’re also available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

Usually, there’s little need to paint these radiators. Elkatherm electric radiators come in over 200 colours, so it’s easy to select the colour of your radiator to match the room you’re fitting it inside. With electric radiators, it’s entirely possible that they can complement the look of your room rather than destroy it.

You’ll enjoy quiet, reliable and efficient heating with your new electric heaters. Sure, there’s an initial expense to consider, but you’ll benefit from significantly lower heating bills in the long-run. With installations that can be fitted in just a day, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t invest in electric radiators sooner.

Get in touch with our team today and see how our North East Heating team can help you get the best electric radiators for your home.