Are you thinking about setting up a new heating system in your home? Perhaps you are looking at properties right now and torn between what heating system you want in your new house. You might already be leaning towards installing German electric radiators in your property. But before you do, it is worth exploring the other heating options that you can consider. Let’s take a look at the three main types of heating systems for homes.


On average, in the UK, expect this heating system to cost you around £540 per year and that’s not including any maintenance which may be necessary depending on the age of the boiler.

With gas, your home will operate using a wet heating system. This simply means that water is heated by a gas fire boiler. Hot water then runs through your home into radiators and through the hot water taps.

Gas is quite efficient and it’s beneficial to have gas being directly sourced into your home rather than needing to store it on the property. However, installing a gas heating system will be expensive and is not the cleanest source of energy available. Gas prices are also on the rise in the UK.

Many houses are not attached to the main gas line which makes installing electric radiators the ideal alternative.


Similar in price to gas the average cost for homes running on oil annually in the UK is about £550. Slightly more expensive, unlike gas, oil will be stored on your property in a large tank. It’s another wet heating system only this time the water in the boiler is heated by burning oil. The water then flows around the areas of your home.

The main difference is that oil is delivered to your home by road and therefore you will need to buy from a local supplier.

There have been some concerns about the levels of competition on the market however currently there are no plans to regulate oil prices. This can make heating your home with oil quite costly. However, if you buy a modern condensing boiler, oil can be a highly efficient energy source and depending on your provider, fairly cost effective.

Though the hot water flow rate is lower than with other energy systems and prices can fluctuate. As well as this, since it’s delivered by road, you could run out of oil before your next delivery is scheduled to arrive. One of the benefits of having an electric radiator heater is that heating your home is as easy as flicking a light switch.

Bottled Gas

You could also purchase a home with bottled gas. There are plenty of homes that use this option around the country. Often, there will be as many as four calor gas bottles outside of the home. These will need to be purchased and replaced when the gas runs out. It can be quite expensive so if you are purchasing a home like this, you should check prices first. Many people use a heating system like this as a backup and install a cheaper option to use as their main source of energy like an electric heating system.

Electric Heating

If you want to have a more efficient heating system, electric central heating is the one for you. With our easy-to-install German-engineered electric radiators, your energy costs will be significantly cheaper than using traditional heating systems, like LPG or oil. We guarantee that you can have the desired room temperature at the time that you want. You can operate our heating systems via digital or our Heatapp and adjust the time or temperature as opposed with a wet system where all the heating is on even with rooms that are not being used. Aside from this, it requires little to no maintenance and is environmentally friendly as it utilises green fuel. It is also the only heating system that fully enhances homes with solar PV installed. Our German electric heating systems are 100% efficient and have a manufacture-backed 25 year guarantee, as well as a full independent BSRIA test report.

Interested in upgrading your heating with electric? Contact us today and find out how adding electric radiators could dramatically improve your home.