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Ultra efficient and cheap to run, the Sunamp UniQ is the ideal heating solution if you’re thinking of updating your existing direct hot water cylinder or want to have a new one installed.

This compact, powerful system uses smart phase change material instead of water for the most effective contemporary system. Once the system’s internal element has heated the phase change material, the material retains the heat until you need it.

When you call for hot water, mains water is heated as it passes through the unit, providing you with a powerful, steady flow of clean hot water.

Best of all, the Sunamp’s compact size won’t take up any space because it’s free from the bulk that comes from hot water storage tanks.

With its superior standard of heat retention and insulation, the Sunamp direct water heating system is one of the most efficient systems you’ll find. For the perfect solution, pair the Sunamp with our ever-popular off peak tariff for fantastic savings on your energy costs.

Why choose a direct water heating system with Sunamp UniQ?

Energy saving: With its outstanding PCM insulation and superb capacity for heat retention, the Sumamp direct water heating system ensures no energy is lost from your system.

Money-saving efficiency: The Sunamp’s super efficient system will help to keep bills low by making sure your system doesn’t let any energy go to waste. For the best savings, take a look at our superb off-peak tariffs with great value evening rates costing as little as 5p per kWh.

Hygienic & safe water: Use your system without worry, knowing the the Sunamp UniQ is made from non-toxic materials and doesn’t store water which can lead to Legionella.

No costly maintenance: With the Sunamp in place, there is no need to worry about costly services or repairs as there are no moving parts to maintain.

Water at full pressure: The system ensures you’ll receive hot water at full pressure when you need it by heating mains water as it travels through the system so it reaches you at mains pressure.

Hot water 24/7: The last thing you want is to have to wait around for hot water. With the Sunamp direct water heating system you’ll always have hot water on demand and ready when you need it.

Flexible sizes: The system comes in a range of 4 sizes and plenty of different colours so you can choose the ideal design to suit your home. Many organisations choose to put together a tailored combination of units to fashion a custom modular system for their business.

Space-saving storage: Save plenty of storage space with the Sunamp UniQ’s contemporary, compact design - a welcome change from the sizeable direct hot water cylinders of old. Instead, the Sunamp UniQ is around 4 times smaller than most of the direct hot water cylinders you’ll find because it doesn’t store any water – a brilliant feature that means you can regain some precious cupboard space!

Sunamp Direct Water Heating: How it works

The Sunamp direct water heating system works by using mains electricity to charge the phase change material located within the unit. Once stored inside the unit, when you make a request for hot water, mains water simply passes through the unit so it can be heated on its way to you.

If you are on a smart tariff, you can also choose to programme the system to charge at cheaper off peak times for even more savings. The system’s high efficiency means off peak charging won’t affect its ability to retain the heat generated.

Give us a call today on 0800 270 7736 to find out more about having a Sunamp direct water heating system installed in your property or request your free pack below.

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