German Elkatherm electric efficient space heaters have three unique elements to them.

Firstly the ceramic clay core heats up very quickly which gives the benefit of fast response times to heat up a room,

Secondly the hot ceramic core retains its heat, this means that radiators are only drawing down power (switched on) for under 30% of the time in order to maintain a cosy temperature in your room.
This makes our radiators comparatively cheap to run.

Thirdly the radiators are designed to convert their electric energy in the most effective
manner for both radiated and convected heat.

Electric heating also allows you to heat individual rooms as and when you are using them. Every German electric Elkatherm efficient space heater installed has its own independent room thermostat, this means you only heat rooms at the time & temperature you wish. You can then choose for instance to heat just the rooms you are using like your den, the downstairs toilet and the kitchen.

This is virtually impossible to achieve with any other system. This is because Elkatherm electric radiators are 100% controllable and can be carried out in a choice of ways from simple dials on each radiator, an individual time & temperature control or a central control via a smart phone or tablet. 

The option of a Wi Fi timer can be set to drop the temperature when you aren’t around but need some heating for your pet or delicate plants whilst you are out.

Combine total control with low running costs, totally zero maintenance costs, 25 year guarantee, no leaking pipes, no burning of green house gases, 100% efficiency, 1 day installation (in the majority of cases), silent operation, the most effective heating system available and you can start to see why electric heating is becoming more and more popular. Just imagine in 5 or 6 years time trying to buy a petrol or diesel car? It will be near impossible and socially frowned upon, yet you are still heating your home with gas! Be an early adopter and install German Elkatherm electric radiators in your home, it makes perfect sense. 


Our Electric Radiators are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your room, at North East Heating Solutions we can recommend the best sized efficient space heater to heat your room perfectly. To find out more about how our electric efficient space heaters can transform your home