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Why do I need to have a survey of the property?

When North East Heating Solutions was established we thought long and hard about selling our German electric heating radiators online.

We know it’s the 21st century and everybody seems to be doing it however let’s face it, if you wanted an estimate for your garden maintenance or re-decoration, you would expect the tradesman to visit you to give you an accurate price and useful advice. That’s exactly what we do for you.


There are over 60 sizes of radiator available, and it is essential to fit the correct sizes. To do this we consider an enormous amount of variable information, including:
  • property construction material and insulation levels
  • room type (bedroom, lounge, etc) and how and what time of day the room is used
  • room volume
  • glazing
  • the direction the room faces
  • number of outside walls
  • siting of the radiator in the room

We then accurately calculate the correct size and kilowatts required using our mathematical formulae, and specify exactly what is best for you and your home.

We prefer to visit customers personally for absolutely no charge and with no obligation to buy, so that we can asses your individual needs, explain in person exactly how our German storage heaters work and advise on the best system for you.

Contact us for replacing night storage heaters, oil, bottled gas and mains gas heating systems. From 1 radiator to a whole house.

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