Enjoy maximum comfort and minimal running costs with what’s considered the best in German electric heating systems. All our German electric radiators are maintenance free and come with a manufacturer-backed, 25 year core clay guarantee as well as a full independent BSRIA test report.

Best In The World

No more cold feet! German electric radiators are widely acknowledged to be the best in the world. Unlike night storage heaters, they are highly responsive and easy to operate. The radiators are individually thermostatically controlled and can reach full operating temperature within minutes, any time of day or night, regardless of the season.

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Simple to Control

Relax. It’s simple to operate our German electric radiators. Choose from digital or Heatapp – both give you 24 hour control. With the Heatapp digital control, you can adjust your electric central heating from your smartphone, iPad, Kindle or computer anywhere in the world – great if you forget to adjust the settings or you want your holiday home to be nice and warm on arrival.

To comply with EU Regulations, as on 1st January 2018, the dial option is only available on heaters supplied on legs or casters.

Suitable for Every Room

Elkatherm German electric radiators come in a range of shapes and sizes, right down to skirting height. With a slimline profile our radiators are never more than 8cm deep, which means you can easily fit them in the bathroom, living room, kitchen – in fact, almost anywhere in your house or holiday home. You’ll love the amazing choice of colours too. From a single radiator through to a full house, we can provide the perfect heating solution for you.

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The Elkatherm Promise

Our promise of 100% safety. We want you to be satisfied with us and our products. Three things are important for us in this regard:


That our electric heating distinguishes itself through quality and performance. So much so, that we grant long warranty times.


That the operation of our devices is absolutely safe. This is why we subject our electric heaters to rigorous testing by the VDE.


That the installation of our devices is easy in order not only to spare you unnecessary work, but to save your money as well.

Guarantee We are so assured of our devices that we gladly give you a long guarantee on the interior technology:


25 years for fireclay stones with molded-in heating elements.


2 years for all other electronic components.


ELKAtherm is one of the few vendors who subject their devices to extensive VDE testing. The VDE tests the electrotechnical safety. The tests comply with globally recognised standards, testing and control procedures.

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Installed in a day… When developing our ELKAtherm electric heating systems we are mindful of practicability. For you this means that our electrician can install the electric heaters quickly and without disruption, no mess, no fuss, no pipework. This saves unnecessary work and, consequently, your money. Our German electric radiators generally require nothing more than connection to a normal household wall socket. And they are ready for operation. If flush mount lines are already on hand, our electrician can simply take them over for use with ELKAtherm electric heaters. No costly construction works.

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Why settle for storage heaters when you can save money with the most energy efficient electric heating in the world? Call us now on 0800 270 7736 to arrange your FREE SURVEY. It’s free and there’s no obligation to buy.

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