A reliable home heating system is a must to survive the cold winter months. Anyone who has experienced having their electric heater or their electric radiator malfunction during this time of the year will tell you that it is a nightmare and a precarious situation that compromises your family members’ safety. Sudden temperature drops are particularly dangerous for young children, the elderly and people suffering from a long-term illness or disability.

This is why you have to make sure your home’s electric heater is in top condition, especially during this winter season. Use this electric heating maintenance checklist as a guide.
• Make sure the pilot light is on.
• Inspect the wiring of your electric radiator heater and make sure no part is visibly damaged by pests.
• Clean the filters, ducts and vents.
• Watch out for leaks, mould and rust in the ductwork.
• Take note of unusual sounds or smoke when the electric heater is on.
• Have your electric radiator checked and serviced by a professional once a year. An expert’s eye can spot potential issues that you would otherwise not notice immediately and will also help extend the life of your heating system.

Energy-efficient electric heater

Additionally, this is also the perfect time to evaluate whether it is time for you to put your good old electric heater to rest and replace it with a modern electric heater that is more energy-efficient. Take note that the winter months will force you to use your electric heater more frequently and for a longer amount of time to keep your home cosy and warm for the whole family. Your more than a decade old electric heater may be the culprit to your expensive energy bills.


Is your electric radiator still doing an excellent job for your home?

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