One of the common questions people have when thinking of installing a German electric heating system is whether they should deal with a local company or a national one.  National companies clearly cover a much wider geographic area, but the real question is whether they offer anything else that can really be perceived as an advantage over dealing with a local company such as North East Heating Solutions.

Below is a quick summary of what you will get with North East Heating Solutions in comparison to Fischer Future Heat who have been chosen for this comparison exercise as they are often named as the UK’s biggest national provider of electric heaters.


Ultimately, choosing a local business or national company for your electrical heating needs is generally a subjective decision dependent on the kind of relationship you would like with a company.  We are sure you will agree that the above table demonstrates the value in choosing a local company like North East Heating Solutions where you will be treated as a valued customer.

Our reputation is dependent on how we treat our customers, and because we are a local company it would soon become known that we were failing in our duties. Put simply, we make every effort possible to guarantee our customers receive the best service we can provide including carrying out a mess free job for you throughout installing the Elkatherm electric radiators.

NB. The information about Fischer storage heaters and other aspects of their UK services were obtained from their website and to the best of our knowledge is correct at the time of the posting of this blog. (Errors or omissions excepted).

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