There are a number of available heating systems in the market today and if you are sifting through your options for a replacement, you probably want to know more about the differences, advantages and efficiency of each.

Amongst these heating systems are electric radiators which convert electric energy into heat via convection. Most radiator heaters work on a simple principle where the surface of the heater is warmed and then releases heat into the air. The only difference is in how much control you will have over the temperature of any given room and in the way that each unit heat their surfaces.


To fully understand how an electric radiator heater spreads warmth around your home, it is essential to acknowledge that its two most important elements are the surface area and its ability to convect. Along with conduction and radiation, convection is one of the three main types of heat transfer that involves the process where hot air rises and cold air falls. Through convection, warm air circulates around the room, ensuring that the whole space is heated evenly. North East Heating Solution’s Elkatherm radiators have five times surface area due to its fluted system. This creates superb radiant and convected heat.

How Electric Radiators Work?

Just as with a gas central heating system, an electric radiator works by raising the temperature and spreading the heat throughout the room via convection and maintaining the warmth around the space through radiation. Apart from eliminating the need for pipeworks, the benefits of this type of heating system include its capability to instantly cut their energy supply, as well as being able to be more precisely controlled by thermostats.

If you are considering the big switch to using electric radiators and wanting to get the most of its advantages, North East Heating Solutions‘ German electric heating systems can be your best choice. We are a family-run business that ensures our products will provide you with maximum comfort whilst having minimal running costs. Ready to find out more? Give us a call on 0800 270 7736 to speak with a friendly member of our team today.