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When you first built your conservatory, you probably imagined long, lazy days spent cuddled up and warm, unwinding and relaxing on a comfortable couch. You probably saw yourself reading a book, and soaking in the summer sunshine. Not many people think about using their conservatory in the winter – because for many, it isn’t an option.

Too many UK homes abandon their conservatory in winter due to low temperatures and draughts. But the good news is that even in the dead of winter, you can make your conservatory a place worth spending time in. Today, we’ll explain how to keep your conservatory warm in winter. No matter what type of conservatory you own, electric heaters are sure to make it a space you’ll love, even when it’s bitterly cold outside.

4 Ways to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

Think About Your Flooring

Before we get into anything too technical, let’s begin with the basics. Is the reason you’ve abandoned your conservatory in winter due to that first, freezing step inside? Is the floor so cold that you can feel the freeze through even the cosiest slippers?

Start by purchasing a high-quality, thick rug. If you’d prefer to cover the whole area, then why not lay down some insulating carpet? You can take it one step further by installing insulated floor tiles, too. And, if your budget stretches far enough, heated flooring is sure to make your conservatory a warmer, more inviting place in winter.

Check the Insulation

Everybody knows that glass is a poorer insulator than insulated walls and brickwork. But nobody in their right mind is going to build a conservatory out of bricks, are they?

There’s a reason glass is used with conservatory structures. But the quality of that glass – and the quality of the insulation it provides – can be improved. Make sure that your glazing is still efficient, and that it can’t be improved upon. Double glazing will slash your heating bills and will ensure that less heat escapes your conservatory in winter.

Check every inch of your conservatory for draughts and leaks, and proof any if you find them.

The same goes for the conservatory roof. Heat rises, and if the roof insulation isn’t up to scratch, then you’re really going to struggle to keep your conservatory comfortable in winter. Ditch any aged polycarbonate and upgrade to higher quality insulation.

Decorate with a Little More Love

Ask yourself a very simple question – is the decoration in your conservatory purely designed for summertime? Is there a bare, minimalist look that has lots of open space, and little insulation? Then no wonder it’s cold in winter!

Install blinds and drapes to keep some of the heat inside. You might consider heavier, thicker curtains for winter, that can easily be swapped back in summertime.

Add some cosy throws and blankets to the couches. Again, these are easy to remove when the temperatures rise outside, and in the meantime, they’ll keep you snug and warm during winter.

Install Efficient Heating with Electric Heaters

The best way to heat up your conservatory this winter is with electric heating. Many homeowners build conservatories as an extension to their home, and extending central heating into a conservatory is far from straightforward. Wet heating systems won’t extend into conservatories for many reasons. The rest of your heating becomes less efficient, and it’s actually outside of building regulations. This leaves a lot of conservatories without a reliable source of heating, making them unwelcoming places in winter.

Electric heating could not be easier to install. Electric radiators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can choose from pretty much any colour you like. The technology is efficient too. These radiators quickly heat up an impressive area and unlike other sources of heating, the temperature can be adjusted almost instantly.

They’ll slash your energy bills, making them a sound investment after the initial outlay. You get a conservatory you can use for many more months during the year, and your bills go down in the process.

Electric Heating with North East Heating Solutions

At North East Heating Solutions, we pride ourselves on installing reliable, efficient and adaptable electric radiators.

Although you’ll have to consider an upfront cost, how much money are you wasting by abandoning your conservatory every winter? Surely your investment is worth enjoying for more than just three months a year?

Keeping your conservatory warm throughout the year is easy with electric radiators. They’re becoming increasingly popular in British homes for a number of reasons, and the technology is particularly suited to heating conservatory spaces.

Why not get in touch with our team today and find out how electric radiators can help keep your conservatory warm this winter? Our family-run business will give you the attention you deserve, so that we can find a solution for your heating problems this winter.