An Idyllic Transformation

How to turn a cold cottage into a warm, cosy home

Picture the scene: a small, picture-postcard cottage, its door surrounded by delicately scented roses, a pretty, white picket fence encircling a tiny, yet perfectly manicured garden, nestled on a dramatic ridge in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

It sounds idyllic.

And it was.

But, dig a little deeper and the elderly couple who lived in this idyllic scene were struggling. The beautiful cottage, with its thick stone walls had night storage heaters as its only source of heating and old, single-glazed windows, so its two Nonagenarian residents were constantly cold.

Very cold.

Now, we have previously documented the numerous problems associated with old fashioned night storage heaters (read more here) – but, here’s a quick summary: they are uneconomical and wholly inefficient. So, it was no wonder this gorgeous little cottage was never getting warm – the odds were stacked heavily against it.

North East Heating Solutions to The Rescue

After conducting a no-obligation survey, we knew we could transform the cottage into a warm, cosy retreat and our customers agreed.

We replaced all the old storage heaters with our Elkatherm electric radiators in just one day. No mess, no muddy boots, no upheaval, or redecoration needed. Just an efficient, professional service that solved their constantly-cold-cottage problem.

Our customers could not quite believe the transformation; their stone-cold, 200-year old cottage was now a warm and cosy home. They now have heat on demand, full flexibility and control over the heat in every room in their cottage and peace of mind that there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

Talk to one of our experts today to find out more about our German-engineered electric radiators and how they could transform your cold home.

Read more about the main problems associated with night storage heaters here

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