Why Use An Efficient Heating System | Northeast Heating Solutions

Practically all homes in the UK use one sort of heating system or another. Be it gas, oil or electric, everyone is finding ways on how to keep their home warm especially on harsh winter weather. We tend to maximise the use of these heating systems in all of our rooms and bath water. However, did you know that while it is in everyone’s best interests to achieve a comfortable space, some undesirable effects may be happening, most of which are done in an unconscious way?

To help you know more about the importance of having an efficient heating system, below is a short breakdown of what you might be able to save:


You might be discouraged in purchasing or upgrading your heating systems to more efficient or energy-saving varieties as they could be more expensive. But in the long run, you will be able to see that an efficient heating system serves as a good investment as it reduces usage which ultimately leads to lower energy costs.


The opportunity of not being able to wait for hours just to heat your entire home would definitely reduce your electricity bills. Having a system that is not overworked would help it have a longer life and have lower risks for repair every now and then. You can also choose heating systems which allow you to keep it on standby as opposed to letting the energy run continuously.


Fossil fuels power most of your heating systems. An efficient means of energy usage equates to a reduction of use of fossil fuels and also helps reduce the carbon emissions from your equipment, lowering pollution and the other bad effects that it brings to the environment.

If you want to have an efficient heating system, our German-engineered electric radiators can provide you with lower energy costs as opposed to using traditional heating systems. You can have the desired temperature at the time that you want and can manage these systems via digital or our Heatapp. With this, you can also modify the time and temperature.

Our German electric heating systems are 100% efficient and have a manufacture-backed 25 year guarantee, as well as a full independent BSRIA test report. Aside from this, it requires little to no maintenance, environmentally friendly and is the only heating system that fully enhances homes with solar PV installed.

For North East Heating Solutions, being efficient is just as important as treating all our clients well. If you would like to take part in saving not only a portion of your energy bills but also in helping to create a more viable environment for everyone, drop us a line and we can help you find effective heating solutions for you and your family.