Indirect Water Heating: Smart Solution with Sunamp UniQ

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For a powerful, efficient and sustainable upgrade, the Sunamp UniQ is the perfect choice when you want to update your indirect hot water cylinder or are looking for a new installation.

Using Sunamp UniQ heat batteries, Sunamp’s indirect water heating system creates a flexible alternative for indirectly heated vented or unvented hot water cylinders.

This modern design can work with either one or a number of external heat sources for the most tailored system. Popular external heat sources used by our customers include boilers and high temperature heat pumps.

With various heat sources at your disposal, the Sunamp system’s internal element will connect to your electric supply plus your secondary source so you are guaranteed to receive clean, hot water in your home whenever you need it.

Unrivalled in its masterful installation and efficiency, the Sunamp UniQ delivers both low running costs and carbon emissions for the ultimate sustainable heating solution.

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Why choose an indirect water heating system with Sunamp UniQ?

Exceptional A+ ERP rating: the Sunamp is an industry leader for insulation and efficiency. Using superior quality PCM insulation, the Sumamp indirect water heating system delivers exceptional insulation for the best heat retention around. An achievement which has earnt it a fantastic A+ ErP rating when used with a secondary heat source.

Space-saving storage: Unlike older direct hot water cylinders, the Sunamp UniQ doesn’t take up lots of space. The Sunamp doesn’t store any water so you don’t have a huge tank to house. In fact, Sunamp’s indirect hot water system is around 4 times smaller than most of the other direct hot water cylinders you’ll come across so you can look forward to reclaiming some cupboard space!

High pressure delivery: By heating mains water as it passes through the system, the Sunamp UniQ provides hot water at the same full pressure you receive from your mains.

Ready when you need it: The system is designed to ensure you have hot water on demand, whenever you need it so you’ll never have to wait to take a bath again.

Clean & safe water guaranteed: The absence of stored water and use of non-toxic material means the Sunamp UniQ provides safe, clean water free from the risks of Legionella, commonly associated with storage heaters.

All sizes: Choose the perfect size to match your space. The Sunamp comes in 4 sizes. You may also decide to put together you own custom combination of different units to create a modular system perfect for commercial use.

Cheap to run: The Sunamp is built without moving parts so you won’t have to schedule costly services or repairs.

Sunamp Indirect Water Heating: How it works

Favoured for its flexibility and efficiency, the Sunamp indirect water heating system can operate from a range of extra heat sources. For the majority of our clients, this supplementary heat source is either the boiler they already have in place, a high temperature heat pump or both.

Whichever heat source you use will charge the phase change material inside the unit. The Sunamp stores this heat within the unit so when you call for hot water all it has to do is to travel through unit where it is heated up before it gets to you. In this way, the Sunamp ensures you always have hot, clean water ready to use when you need it.

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