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Are Electric Radiators Safe?

With promises of efficiency, heating bill reductions and more, are they something you should be considering? The cost saving is an obvious benefit, but are electric radiators safe inside your home?

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Are Electric Radiators Noisy?

Let’s take a closer look at how noisy electric radiators are. We’ll compare them to the classic gas radiator so that you get an easy comparison. You might be surprised to discover there’s a pretty big difference between the two

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Top electric radiator myths

Electric radiators are really something special, it’s just a shame there are so many myths circulating. Today, we’re going to dispel some of the top electric radiator myths. Top Electric Radiator Myths Expensive This is

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Why are electric radiators so incredibly energy efficient?

Why are electric radiators great energy-efficient options? Well, let's start by stating that electric is 100 per cent efficient, as no electricity is lost during the heating process. Additionally, electric radiators are also efficient in many other ways, helping you to conserve energy and save money on your household energy bills.

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Choosing the right colour radiator for your room

When it comes to integrating radiators with your decor, you don't need to stick to bland greys. With over 200 shades to choose from, there really is no limit to your creativity. Here are some tips on how to choose the best colour to match your style:

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Are Electric Radiators a Good Investment?

Electric radiators are a new concept to most people. You may have noted their availability while searching for a replacement heater or perhaps you moved to a new property without gas accessibility. So are electric radiators a good investment? Here we'll review some of the benefits of electric heating.

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Updated classification in SAP 10

SAP stands for STANDARD ASSESSMENT PROCEDURE and was brought in by the UK government as a way of measuring a dwelling’s energy efficiency and carbon impact on the environment. Since its introduction in 1995 there

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