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Are you looking to replace your old night storage heater for a more energy efficient electric readiator?

ELKAtherm electric radiators are a very popular upgrade from Night Storage Heaters The German engineered design overcomes many of the previous frustrations of the older technology.

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Why people love ELKAtherm electric radiators

Total control

Heat on demand as and when you want it

Time and temperature controlled

Radiate and convect heat so no room cold spots

Low energy use

Runs on standard electricity so cheaper than economy 7 and easy to move suppliers if you wish

Modern slim design

60 sizes means they can be located in the optimum place in the room

200 colours to enhance the design and look of your room

More about Night Storage Heaters

If you live with night storage heating, you may already be familiar with how it works. However, many people move into a property from having a different type of heating and don’t understand it.

Storage heating technology is outdated. Traditional night storage heaters take a lot of energy and rely on a long overnight charge. The Economy 7 tariff was created to try and make the running costs of these thirsty units more affordable. Energy from the night storage heater over night charge is released over the next day.

Traditional night storage heater designs are very bulky and don’t distribute their stored heat very effectively.

Over the years brands like Dimplex and Creda have made some improvements in design. Fan assisted models have been introduced to try and improve heat distribution, The boost function has also allowed additional heat input although this can be expensive on a premium day rate of Economy 7. Despite these improvements customers still find the lack of control and high energy consumption of these bulky units very frustrating.

Why people hate Night Storage Heaters

Big & bulky

Cannot control them, too warm in the morning and insufficient heat in the evening

Don’t get hotter if its colder outside

Having to guess tomorrows weather, get it wrong and its either getting rid of heat you’ve paid for or having to use alternatives like fan heaters or oil filled radiators which are expensive to run

Room’s have cold spots because night storage heaters don’t radiate or convect heat

Use massive amounts of energy

Economy 7 tariffs are expensive during the day and its difficult to move suppliers for better tariffs

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Normal Radiators

Ideal for: Main heater, replacing night storage heaters, wet central heating or underfloor heating

Woman sitting at desk next to radiator

Small Radiators

Ideal for: Floor-to-ceiling windows and conservatories

Sunamp Hot Water Solutions

Vertical Radiators

Ideal for: Corridors, stairwells, entrances, bedrooms and bathrooms

Transform your home with energy efficient Electric Heating Solutions

Enjoy maximum comfort and affordable running costs with what’s considered the best in German electric heating.

Our German manufactured ELKAtherm radiators require no maintenance and offer complete control over how you heat your rooms. With a 25 year core clay guarantee and a full independent BSRIA test report, you can be sure this is the safest and most cost-effective heating solution for your home.

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We’ve pledged to support the planting of one tree for every installation we complete

We believe we can all do better for the environment, that’s why we’ve pledged to support the planting of one tree for every installation we complete.

We hope to plant over 200 trees every year, helping to create beautiful new woodlands for everyone to enjoy in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

‘heatapp’: Changing the way you heat your home – forever!

Our ‘heatapp’ also lets you view your energy consumption and spend in any room you choose: great for being ‘green’ and great for keeping an eye on costs! If your home has an internet connection then your ‘heatapp’ system can also work outside your home too, meaning never arriving back to a chilly house ever again!

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