Why are electric radiators great energy-efficient options? Well, let’s start by stating that electric is 100 per cent efficient, as no electricity is lost during the heating process. Additionally, electric radiators are also efficient in many other ways, helping you to conserve energy and save money on your household energy bills.

You control the temperature

One of the biggest benefits of using electric radiators in terms of energy efficiency is that you can determine how much energy to use. Modern electric heaters are now controlled remotely via an app, which enables you to set the desired temperature for each individual radiator.

Heat one room at a time

Unlike a combination boiler that works constantly to heat all radiators, electric radiators can work independently of each other. This means that you can heat one room or your whole home. This is a good option if you spend most of your time in one or two rooms.

Cheaper than gas central heating

Electricity is more economical than gas central heating. There is no loss of energy, with all electric being converted into heat. Electric radiators are also more energy efficient and cheaper to run as they require minimal servicing and maintenance.

Can be used in any room

Finally, when you opt to use portable electric heaters, they can work with your available space. They can be used short term, or you can move them from room to room as and when needed for additional heating.

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