Why Consider an Elkatherm Electric Radiator?

German manufacturers have a worldwide reputation for producing the highest-quality electric radiators. One of these brands is Elkatherm, which we proudly carry. Why might you consider an Elkatherm electric radiator? Below you’ll find three reasons.

You have a cold house and require dependable, energy-efficient heating

Elkatherm Electric heaters are made entirely in Germany, from start to finish, by seasoned workmen and technicians. This in-house process and long-standing commitment to quality ensures a top level of craftsmanship. These are heaters that won’t let you down – even during the coldest of winters. The fact that you can control the heaters and heat any room when you want makes them incredibly energy efficient – so you could even save some money on your energy bills.

You want precision temperature control

Programmable temperature settings help save both time and energy. The Elkatherm brand offers two types of simple controllers, which allow you to precisely control the radiator temperature in your home. You can control the heating within your home or remotely. The available options allow you to adjust the radiator through an app via your tablet or smartphone for optimal convenience, both give you 24 hour control. The first choice is digital. This versatile option features a digital screen directly on the radiator.

The second option is the HeatApp Digital Control, which has a standalone thermostat that connects to your home or office router. This option allows you to control multiple radiators and set up heating “zones” for highly advanced temperature control.

You are looking for the utmost convenienceIn addition to the programmable temperature settings, we offer a manfacturer backed 25-year core clay guarantee, which can give you peace of mind and additional confidence in the quality of the Elkatherm brand. Furthermore, no maintenance is required after installation. This is great if you have a busy life and don’t want to worry about an outage in your heating.Oh, and did we mention, installation is carried out in one day – with no mess?!

To book a free survey on how an Elkatherm German electric heater is right for your home or office space, give us a call today on 0800 270 7736.