Zero Emission Boiler

Meet the future of home heating - the Zero Emission Boiler.

Your hunt for a low-carbon heating solution is over. Meet ZEB®.

Call us free on 0800 270 7736 now for a complimentary consultation. We’ll ask you a couple of questions to determine whether a ZEB is suitable for your home or not. From there we’ll organise a Free Survey of your property before getting stuck in with the installation of your brand-new Zero Emission Boiler.

What is a Zero Emission Boiler?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Rather than using carbon-heavy fossil fuels like Oil and Gas, the ZEB is powered by low-carbon electricity.

Using state-of-the-art technology in the form of a heat battery, Zero Emission Boilers use clean electricity to produce and store thermal energy within proprietary thermal masses stacked inside the unit.

These heat batteries efficiently absorb and discharge warmth on demand, eliminating fossil fuel combustion and smokestacks plaguing traditional systems.

While most existing boilers must continually burn limited resources to maintain home comfort, our range of ZEBs sustain steady temperatures leveraging latent energy already present in outdoor air, making them a self-contained renewable ecosystem.

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Zero Emission Boiler Installation

We’re proud to be Tepeo-approved installers of the groundbreaking ZEB product, offering Zero Emission Boiler Installations across the country and helping homeowners heat their homes, not the planet.

The installation process of a ZEB could not be simpler. We’ll begin with a free survey of your home to ensure that the Zero Emission Boiler is suitable for your home and your heating requirements.

Once we know it’s the right fit for you, your local ZEB experts will remove your old boiler and dispose of it properly before installing your brand new boiler. The ZEB fits with your existing system, so there’s no need for any disruption to your home or extensive pipework.

The installation process takes just a few hours – letting you get back to life as normal in no time. Plus, our friendly team will explain everything along the way so you know exactly how to get the most out of your new boiler.

Here at North East Heating Solutions, we’ll have your Zero Emission Boiler installed in a day - no mess, no fuss, and no pipework required!

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