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Enjoy hot water instantly with our thermal heat system, Sunamp, which stores four times more heat and is 2-3 times smaller than hot water cylinders.

Do you require a solution to your hot water problems?

Call us free on 0800 270 7736 and we’ll replace and update your old heating system so you can start to enjoy energy efficient heating that’s economical and reduces your carbon footprint.

Cost effective hot water

Sunamp heats your water on demand, so you only ever heat the water that you need.

With an energy efficiency rating (ERP) of A+, our Sunamp system has a low water content, storing over 90% of its heat in the phase change material. This maximises your energy charge and results in less energy waste.

Our case study found that on average, our customers would save at least £3,912 over 20 years by switching to Sunamp.

Sunamp is available in multiple sizes to meet any hot water requirement.

A new, fully installed Sunamp hot water system for your home starts at £2,500.

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Sunamp Is Great For

  • Sustainable living
  • Small spaces
  • Increasing water pressure
  • Upgrading outdated systems
  • Reducing energy bills
  • Heating water with Solar PVs, heat pumps and other renewable sources of energy

What does
North East Heating Solutions guarantee?

We believe in exceptional service and value for money and those values have taken us from a small start up to one of the region’s leading installers of electric heating systems throughout the East of England.

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Warm home

Our customers enjoy a warm home, suited to their needs, and say they save up to a third on their energy bills.

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Complete control

Our radiators are all time and temperature controlled. You can choose thermostatic controls from simple to wifi with an app

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Worry free

Our radiators require no maintenance and come with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee and 4 year guarantee on the replaceable thermostat.

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Professionally installed

No mess, no muddy boots, no pipework and no maintenance – our installations are stress free.

Transform your home with energy efficient Electric Heating Solutions

Enjoy maximum comfort and affordable running costs with what’s considered the best in German electric heating.

Our German manufactured ELKAtherm radiators require no maintenance and offer complete control over how you heat your rooms. With a 25 year core clay guarantee and a full independent BSRIA test report, you can be sure this is the safest and most cost-effective heating solution for your home.

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We’ve pledged to support the planting of one tree for every installation we complete

We believe we can all do better for the environment, that’s why we’ve pledged to support the planting of one tree for every installation we complete.

We hope to plant over 200 trees every year, helping to create beautiful new woodlands for everyone to enjoy in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

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    What have our customers had to say?

    In a recent survey, we asked hundreds of our customers what they thought about North East Heating; our site, our products and our services. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with customers highly satisfied across all areas!

    Commonly highlighted throughout the feedback was our level of expertise and knowledge, along with our dedication to customer support and prompt responses.

    Other stats from the survey
    80 .58 %

    NPS Score

    84 .09 %

    Customer Effort Score

    54 .13 %

    Customer Referral

    92 .15 %

    CSAT Score

    92.15% of our respondents are satisfied with our product and services.