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The benefits of ELKAtherm radiators

Compatible with solar panels. The economic benefits of Elkatherm electric heating combined with the cost saving benefits of solar panels is huge

Each of our ELKAtherm electric radiators has its own thermostat which controls the radiator by constantly monitoring the room temperature. As soon as the thermostat detects a drop in room temperature, it switches the heater back on and gives the precise amount of energy needed to raise the temperature to your pre-selected setting

Elkatherm is the perfect solution to replace storage heaters. Compatible with Economy 7 or even better replace all your storage heaters and benefit from lower running costs and a lower electricity tariff

Independent testing in both the UK and Germany has demonstrated the low running costs of Elkatherm electric central heating. To heat your home on a cold day is likely to cost you no more, and sometimes less, than you would pay for mains gas

‘heatapp’: Changing the way you heat your home – forever!

Our ‘heatapp’ also lets you view your energy consumption and spend in any room you choose: great for being ‘green’ and great for keeping an eye on costs! If your home has an internet connection then your ‘heatapp’ system can also work outside your home too, meaning never arriving back to a chilly house ever again!

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