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6 Signs You’re Due A Heating Upgrade

Are you tired of constantly battling with your old, outdated heating system? Are your old night storage heaters leaving you shivering in the cold or breaking the bank with high energy bills? It’s time for

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Image of cat on a radiator

Radiators: Does Size Matter?

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing radiators you might want to go for a larger size to keep your rooms even warmer, or maybe you want to downsize your radiators to claw back some

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electric radiator with a hand holding a calculator to work out if electric radiators are expensive to run

Are Electric Radiators Expensive to Run?

More and more people are looking into alternatives to traditional gas heating these days, thanks to the approaching boiler ban and the rising costs of gas. One of the most popular alternatives people are opting

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Electric Vs Gas Heating

Gas heating and hot water systems have long been the standard for homes across the UK. However, there has been little innovation in this area with thousands of homes stuck with the same old system

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Sustainable Options for Heating Your Home

With the news filled with stories surrounding environmental damage and the climate crisis, it’s only right that more and more people are looking into making switches to more sustainable solutions across their day-to-day lives. But

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hand placing money into a piggy bank surrounded by coins and loose change

How to Save on Heating Bills

With energy costs continuing to rise and temperatures continuing to decrease, it can be a challenge to keep those heating bills affordable. Recent studies from the BBC show that around 2.5 million households across Britain

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