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What happens during the free survey?

We come to your home, talk to you about how you use each room, look at how much money you currently spend on heating, and then give you a carefully calculated list of recommendations showing the impact of changing to one of our energy efficient electric heating systems. We leave the report with you and there is no obligation to make a purchase.

Will I definitely save money?

This depends on your personal circumstances. We will always be truthful when we do your free survey. In our experience, if you’re currently using electric heating, changing to an Elkatherm electric heating system will definitely save you money, provided it’s properly installed. Some of our clients have even found the running costs comparable to gas central heating.

Will my meter be changed on the same day as my radiator installation?

We aim to install your radiators within 48 hours of meter exchange.

Can you dispose of my existing heating system?

We can remove and recycle your old night storage heater carcasses for free. However, we’re unable to dispose of the bricks due to Health and Safety regulations. What we will do is remove them from inside your house and place them neatly in a convenient outside space. In fact, some people like to keep their bricks to use in their gardens, as they come in handy for barbecues/paths etc. In some circumstances your surveyor will have arranged for a third party contractor to take them away, however there is a charge for this.

Will you pressure me to sign on the dotted line?

No. We don’t employ high pressure salespeople – in fact, we don’t employ sales people at all. We’re a family company and the people who do your free survey are the same people who handle our installations. Even our Managing Director, Howard, still makes the occasional home visit. We leave you with all the facts and give you time to come to your decision.

Who will do the installation?

Your installation will be handled by skilled, fully qualified fitting technicians and engineers.

Who will exchange or remove my Economy 7 meter?

Only your energy supplier can do this job – it is often a free service and takes about 15 minutes.

Can you fit a timer to my hot water tank?

If you have a modern, well insulated water tank, then a timer isn’t usually necessary. If your system is dated, we can advise you on the best course of action.

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