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Lets look at the alternative ways of heating your home

SPOT heaters are called this because they are designed to heat a ‘cold spot’ in a room not the whole space. Spot heaters are, fan heaters, 2 bar electric fires. oil and gel filled radiators, wall panel heaters and cheap convectors. You can tell is a heater is a spot heater because it gives out heat very quickly however when it is turned off it is cold ( and so is the air around it) quickly. Thus it needs to virtually constantly draw down power from there mains to maintain heat making spot heaters cheap to buy but very expensive to run. A note of caution, do not use a spot heater to heat the whole space in a room, your bills will be enormous. NIGHT STORAGE heaters Virtually impossible to control. They give out the maximum heat first thing in the morning when people tend to be most active and by the end of the day when you wish to relax there’s little heat left inside them. They run on a tariff called Economy 7 or Super Tariff and nothing bis ‘economic about this. Its cheap electricity at night normally only for the storage heaters but its very expensive during the day. Typically over 25% more than ’standard tariffs’. This makes all your daytime electricity very expensive. Its also virtually impossible to switch suppliers thus you’re unable to take advantage of the market and better deals elsewhere.

STORAGE HEATERS also have very large kW as they need to try to store heat over the charging period and they are switched on for 7 hours wether its needed or not. They don’t have room thermostats so they can’t react to the outside temperature and they don’t convect so people complain of cold feet and hot ceilings. Many people install shelves over the top of their storage heaters in a vain attempt to stop them getting dirt out of the top of the storage heater. This indicates how storage heaters are so dirty and give a warm air heat that people find oppressive as it dry’s the air.

WET SYSTEMS mainly gas and oil have their own disadvantages. Firstly you need to be connected to the gas grid, that is not always the case in rural areas although oil fired heating can work in these locations, don’t forget oil tanks, pumps and piping just to get to your property. Both systems need piping to run round the home connecting to a central boiler. Piping looks awful and particularly ugly when running over solid floors across skirtings and down walls. And don’t forget possible leaks, noisy pipes and repairs inc general maintenance to boilers.

None of the problems associated to the above heating systems apply to Elkatherm German electric heating radiators, which are clean, attractive, easy to install with virtually no maintenance and best of all cost effective to own and run. Topped off with a 25 year guarantee.


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