Electric Radiators

Future-proof your home’s heating system with our range of Electric Radiators. We’ll help find you the perfect electric radiator to suit your needs and install it in no time, so you can benefit from a warmer home without breaking the bank!

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What are Electric Radiators?

Electric radiators are changing the way we heat our homes. They contain a heating element, such as clay bricks or a ceramic core, that heats up using electricity. They then store this heat until you turn it on.

When in use, heat from the core is spread quickly around the room using convection currents – a continuous cycle that will heat your room in no time, without using any excess electricity.

Want to learn the difference between Electric Radiators & more traditional Gas Heating Solutions? Read our helpful guide on Electric Vs Gas Heating today.

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Benefits of our ELKAtherm Electric Radiators

  • 100% efficiency - all of the electricity used to power them is converted to heat
  • Heat on demand as and when you need it
  • Reach operating time in just minutes
  • Total control over energy usage
  • Smart radiators controlled with an app
  • Sleek, slim design will fit anywhere
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Reduced dependency on fossil fuels
  • 25-Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • 4-Year Electronics Warranty

Electric Radiator Types

We have a wide range of Electric Radiators available, meaning there’s something for everyone here at North East Heating Solutions. Whatever rooms you need to heat, we’ll have the perfect Electric Radiator size available.

Need help choosing the right radiator for your home? 

Plus, with a slimline profile, our radiators are never more than 8cm deep making them perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. We also have a number of colour options and styles available so you can match your radiators to your home with ease!

Vertical Radiators

Ideal for : Corridors, stairwells, entrances and hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens

Standard Radiators

Ideal for : Replacing old night storage heaters as the main heater in a room, as well as wet central heating or underfloor heating

Small Radiators

Ideal for : Tight spaces including offices, conservatories, box rooms, etc.

Unique to ELKAtherm

Electric Radiator Installation

We developed our ELKAtherm electric heating systems with speed and practicality in mind; saving time and therefore money while keeping construction and disruptions to a minimum.

Generally requiring nothing more than connection to a typical household wall socket, our range of German Electric Radiators are suitable for installation in all property types, regardless of your existing system.

When we install your brand-new Electric Radiators, we’ll make sure to dispose of your old heating system environmentally. Plus, we’ll also carry out whatever additional electrical work is required to get your new radiators up and running smoothly.

Here at North East Heating Solutions, we’ll have your Electric Radiators installed in a day - no mess, no fuss, and no pipework required!

What does
North East Heating Solutions guarantee?

We believe in exceptional service and value for money and those values have taken us from a small start up to one of the region’s leading installers of electric heating systems throughout the East of England.

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Warm home

Our customers enjoy a warm home, suited to their needs, and say they save up to a third on their energy bills.

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Complete control

Our radiators are all time and temperature controlled. You can choose thermostatic controls from simple to wifi with an app

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Worry free

Our radiators require no maintenance and come with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee and 4 year guarantee on the replaceable thermostat.

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Professionally installed

No mess, no muddy boots, no pipework and no maintenance – our installations are stress free.

Transform your home with energy efficient Electric Heating Solutions

Enjoy maximum comfort and affordable running costs with what’s considered the best in German electric heating.

Our German manufactured ELKAtherm radiators require no maintenance and offer complete control over how you heat your rooms. With a 25 year core clay guarantee and a full independent BSRIA test report, you can be sure this is the safest and most cost-effective heating solution for your home.

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Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust Logo
We’ve pledged to support the planting of one tree for every installation we complete

We believe we can all do better for the environment, that’s why we’ve pledged to support the planting of one tree for every installation we complete.

We hope to plant over 200 trees every year, helping to create beautiful new woodlands for everyone to enjoy in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

Our Electric Radiator Range

We’re passionate about delivering the highest quality, most efficient and cost-effective heating solutions to our customers, which is why we’re proud to have partnered with ELKAtherm as the only official ELKAtherm Radiator Installers in the North East.

ELKAtherm Electric Radiators are simply the best money can buy. They are the only Electric Radiator range with an energy rating and the entire range is A++ rated!

Discover the full range available below or speak to our team and we’ll help you find the perfect Electric Radiators for your home.

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Variations of radiators

PLN Series

Ideal for: Toilets, bathrooms, guest rooms, large living rooms and office spaces

  • 25-year manufacturers warranty
  • Available in over 200 colours
  • 500-3500 Watts

Freestanding radiators

PLK Series

Ideal for: Floor-to-ceiling windows and conservatories

  • 25-year manufacturers warranty
  • Available in over 200 colours
  • 1000-2500 Watts

Freestanding radiators

PL Series

Ideal for: main heater or booster, replacing night storage or gas floor heating

  • 25-year manufacturers warranty
  • Available in over 200 colours
  • 500-3000 Watts

Freestanding radiators

PLD Series

Ideal for: Large rooms, studios, lofts, or corridors

  • 25-year manufacturers warranty
  • Available in over 200 colours
  • 1000-3000 Watts
  • Wall radiators

    PLL Series

    Ideal for: Corridors, stairwells, entrances and bathrooms

    • 25-year manufacturers warranty
    • Available in over 200 colours
    • 1000-2500 Watts

    Storage Heater Replacements

    The old Night Storage Heaters of the past are out. Their technology is outdated. They take a lot of energy to heat up. They rely on a long overnight charge. They’re bulky in design. And they’re not that great at heating your home either!

    That’s where Electric Heating comes into play. Overcoming the challenges raised by their predecessors, Electric Radiators make the perfect replacement for the inefficient Night Storage Heaters of the past.

    German Electric Radiators

    We’re passionate about delivering the highest quality and most efficient heating solutions to our customers. That’s why we only install the finest German Electric Radiators, like the ELKAtherm range.

    Our German Electric Heating Solutions are widely acknowledged to be the best in the world. Manufactured to the exceptionally high standards of engineering that Germany is known for, you can rest assured knowing that your new Electric Radiators are completely safe and will last for years to come.

    Smart Electric Radiators

    One of the greatest benefits of Electric Radiators is the ability to control them via your phone! With just a tap of your screen, you can turn on individual radiators as and when you need them allowing you to gain control over your home’s energy usage.

    With each radiator individually thermostatically controlled, you can simply heat the rooms you need to without wasting energy heating the whole home if it’s not being used, thereby reducing your energy bills significantly.

    We’ve developed our very own ‘heatapp’ which allows you to view your energy consumption and spend across any room in your home. Plus, you can remotely control your heating from your phone meaning you’ll never have to come home to a cold house ever again!

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