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How to Save on Heating Bills

With energy costs continuing to rise and temperatures continuing to decrease, it can be a challenge to keep those heating bills affordable. Recent studies from the BBC show that around 2.5 million households across Britain

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Do radiator covers reduce heat?

Before you think about covering your own radiator, it’s worth considering whether this will have an affect on how well it heats your room and other alternatives you can try that won’t sacrifice the comfort of your home.

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What have our customers had to say?

In a recent survey, we asked hundreds of our customers what they thought about North East Heating; our site, our products and our services. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with customers highly satisfied across all areas!

Commonly highlighted throughout the feedback was our level of expertise and knowledge, along with our dedication to customer support and prompt responses.

Other stats from the survey
80 .58 %

NPS Score

84 .09 %

Customer Effort Score

54 .13 %

Customer Referral

92 .15 %

CSAT Score

92.15% of our respondents are satisfied with our product and services.