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When to upgrade your heating system

With the colder weather approaching, now is the time to inspect your heating system, as you will have to rely on its reliability in the coming days. Here are some signs that will determine when

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How Does An Electric Radiator Heat Your Home?

Most radiator heaters work on a simple principle where the surface of the heater is warmed and then releases heat into the air. The only difference is in how much control you will have over the temperature of any given room and in the way that each unit heat their surfaces. So how does an electric radiator heat your home?

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Importance of Keeping Your Home Properly Heated

No matter what the weather's like around your area, the thought of returning to a warm home is comforting, especially if you have had a long day at work. In addition to this, ensuring that your home is properly heated brings a series of advantages ranging from health benefits to energy efficiency.

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Types of Heating Systems For Homes

Are you thinking about setting up a new heating system in your home? Perhaps you are looking at properties right now and torn between what heating system you want in your new house. You might

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Advantages of Electric radiators

HOW TO BANISH GHOSTS FROM YOUR EXTENSION The Best Way to Effectively Heat Your Home Extension “I thought my bedroom was haunted!” This, now forty-something mum of three explained, as she recalled her teenage bedroom

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Old night storage heaters

Storage Heaters – The ‘Dodos’ of the Heating Worldand why Electric Radiators are THE Future Old storage heaters used to be the only practical solution for energy-conscious homeowners and can easily be mistaken for an

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