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Ensure nothing goes to waste with the Solar PV water heating system. By using leftover energy from your solar panels to generate hot water on demand, you’ll save money, energy and time.

In addition to being highly efficient and cost effective, Sunamp’s water heating solution also helps to keep your carbon emissions low.

With the added assistance of Sunamp UniQ heat batteries, your Solar PV heating system charges the phase change material to provide you with hot water for your home whenever you need it.

The Sunamp UniQ is a compact system that won’t take up lots of space. This tailored solution lets you blend your solar PV power with energy from other sources for the most convenient approach.

Safe and easy to use whilst only running on excess energy, you won’t find a more practical and economical water heating system than this.

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Eco Electric Heating Systems, there are two ways you can operate your Solar PV water heating system:

1. Via Mains Electricity:

A Solar PV and mains electricity system uses excess energy from your solar panels to charge the Sunamp UniQ. With this system, you’ll also have the option of using the electrical element included as a charge. The electrical element is simply connected to your mains electricity whenever you wish to use it.

For a popular, cost-saving solution, many of our customers combine the Solar PV and mains system with the Smart Off Peak Tariff for the ideal package to keep your bills low.

2. Via Other Heat Sources

A Solar PV system used in conjunction with other heat sources such as your boiler or a high temperature heat pump, will use leftover energy from your solar panels to charge the Sunamp UniQ.

If the weather changes, you have the choice of using your alternative heat source to provide your hot water. This dual system ensures you’ll always get hot water when you need it, whatever the weather.

Why choose a Solar PV water heating system?

Reduce your carbon footprint: by only using the energy already produced by your solar panels this is a great way to lower your carbon footprint.

Money-saving efficiency: the Sunamp requires nothing more than the leftover energy from your solar panels so you’ll find your running costs are low.

BSRIA safe: tested and approved by the BSRIA, the Sunamp is made from non-toxic materials and guaranteed to produce clean water, free from the risks of Legionella, commonly associated with storage heaters.

Easy to maintain: the system is remarkably easy to run. Free from moving any parts, you’ll find you don’t need any costly services or repairs.

High pressure delivery: enjoy the essential high pressure delivery you want with the heating of mains water for gushing water at full force.

Hot water on demand: with hot water ready when you need it, you won’t have to wait around before you can have a bath.

Wide range sizes and colours: due to its popularity, you’ll find the Sunamp is available in a wide range of colours and 4 different sizes. For the most tailored solution, you can choose to mix and match units to create a modular system favored by many businesses and organisations.

Easy to store: without the need for water storage the Sunamp’s tank is a space-saving compact design, around 4 times smaller than the majority of direct hot water cylinders on the market. If your hot water system is currently located inside a cupboard, you can look forward to getting the extra storage space back!

Superior A+ ERP rating: with an A+ ErP rating the Sunamp is one of the most energy efficient, sustainable hot water heating systems around.

Making the most of sustainable energy sources

At the centre of this eco hot water heating system is the Sunamp. Integral to the use of solar PV water heating, the Sunamp makes it possible for the leftover electricity from your solar panels to be used to charge the phase change material inside the unit.
This heat is stored within the unit so when you request hot water, mains water is passed through the unit and on into the hot water outlets in your home.
If you wish, you can use a range of alternative heat sources as a second option, such as a boiler or high temperature heat pump. Many people choose to use a back up energy source so they can guarantee hot water is always available because there’s never any chance the Sunamp may be left without charge.

Solar PV: How it works

Solar PV water heating is a contemporary system built for the modern home. Meeting contemporary desires for efficient, low cost, sustainable water heating methods with low carbon emissions, this is a system that will complement just about any local and national eco agendas.

For example, one of our clients is a housing association. Looking for a system that met both their company and local green targets, East Lothian Housing Association decided to use Sunamp heat batteries in all of their properties to ensure their tenants could make the most of their solar PV panels.

East Lothian were pleased to report that their tenants had seen their bills drop and their hot water sustained, even when there was a power cut. A particularly significant step forward because these properties are located within rural communities where a power cut would previously have been an issue.

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