The Best Way to Effectively Heat Your Home Extension

“I thought my bedroom was haunted!”
This, now forty-something mum of three explained, as she recalled her teenage bedroom from many
years ago and the constant cold chill that would regularly ice-up the inside of her window at night.
It wasn’t quite what we expected to hear, but ineffective heating in a home extension is a very
common problem.
More people than ever are choosing to extend their homes as their families grow. Loft conversions,
extensions, garage conversions and conservatories all provide more space.
Whilst adding extra space to your home can be straight forward, providing adequate heating creates
significant problems. There are three main reasons why using your existing heating system may not
be the right solution to warm up that extra space:

1. Your existing boiler will have been specifically chosen to heat the original house, so adding
another room or two can put a massive strain on it, leaving your boiler out of its depth and
seriously underperforming.
2. If your current central heating system is a traditional “wet” system – then extending it will
mean adding intricate pipework with the potential for leakages.
3. Your pipework will very likely be hidden under floors, behind walls and tucked into loft
spaces, so access can be tricky, time-consuming and labour-intensive.

The solution?

Electric central heating is fast becoming the heating solution of choice for people extending their
homes. Easy to install, individually and remotely controllable and hugely efficient, our German-
engineered electric radiators work seamlessly alongside existing heating systems.
So, whether you want just one room heated, or a whole-house solution, we will calculate exactly
what you need to heat your space perfectly and cost-effectively.
Electric Central Heating Radiators

No Mess, Quick and Easy to Install and More Efficient than Central Heating

Our electric heating systems are highly efficient and running costs are comparable to traditional gas
central heating and are significantly cheaper than LPG and oil.

And, our ghost lady?

She opted for our electric radiators in her new extension – delighted that her own teenagers won’t
have to put up with ice-cold bedrooms and even more delighted that she won’t have the additional
costs of portable oil-filled radiators to try and keep them warm through the winter!
If you’re considering an extension or a conservatory in your home, make sure you speak to one of
heating experts first. Book a FREE, no obligation survey today.