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When considering upgrading your heating, whether it be from old night storage or a gas, oil or solid fuel system we always need to consider how to heat your water.

Hot water solutions for the following 

Replacing night storage heaters.
In all cases where storage heaters are currently installed there is a hot water tank. The water inside is heated by a combination of 2 or even 3 immersion’s. 1 is on the economy 7 overnight tariff and one is on ‘boost’ which is connected to the 24 hour tariff. A well insulated water tank does not need to have water heated for 7 hours! It usually only needs an hour in the morning and maybe an hour in the evening, this is because we just don’t use anywhere near the hot water we used to do as all modern appliances have a cold water feed. As such as standard we always fit an immersion timer to your tank. This ensures plenty of hot water for your home AND you will save time, energy, money and be more environmentally friendly than heating water on E7.
Replacing a combi boiler.
A combi heats water on demand. When our customers wish to get rid of gas then we simply replace the combi with a hot water tank that is heated by immersion. The tanks are the most well insulated available and only need a short time on the immersion to provide sufficient hot water for all the family day & night. Gone are the delays waiting for the hot water to come out of the tap and the dramatic water temperature changes you experience in the shower when someone turns on a tap elsewhere in the house. You get hot water in sufficient quantity, on demand and for a fraction of the cost. Our solutions for hot water are a pressurised system so also no header tank is required. Fitted in a day and using the existing pipework means no upheaval or re-decorating in your home. Quick, simple, efficient and with a 10 year guarantee.
Replacing a non-combi boiler.
Once again in most circumstances you will have a separate how water tank. This is simply converted to immersion heating with a timer. Simple, cheap and effective.

Instant hot water systems, why we don’t recommend them.
Usually they only provide water to one area. They are difficult if not impossible to control water temperature, either scolding hot or tepid. They don’t last very long and finally they need an electric supply near the water source. In simple terms the options above offer a simpler, cheaper and longer lasting solution.


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