Electric radiators are really something special, it’s just a shame there are so many myths circulating. Today, we’re going to dispel some of these misconceptions, which include:


This is a big one, as most people are under the impression that traditional gas radiators are cheaper to run. However, new technology means that the best electric radiators are incredibly efficient, making them cost-effective in the long run. They warm up quickly and offer an even distribution of heat and with thermostats, there’s no need to worry about the house being hotter than you need. Eco electric radiators are even more efficient and better for the planet too.


When electric heaters first came out, they were certainly bulkier as they were designed to be used as storage heaters. However, these days, electric radiators boast the same chic look as those running on gas. Convection chambers and ceramic cores mean that they can be built with a much more streamlined design, so there’s no need to worry about them ruining your interior design.

No colour selection

This is just not true. Electric heaters come in all the colours of the rainbow now even if they did begin their life in brown or beige. Choose from classic white, stunning black or even quirkier pinks and oranges. Get as creative as you like!

Lack of controls

Although this was definitely a problem with old storage heaters, you’ll have complete control over your electric radiator at home. With thermostatic controls as a standard, some electric radiators even have inbuilt WiFi systems so you can turn the heating on and off from your phone.