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Since our launch in 2007, we’ve completed well over 5,000 electric heating installations for our delighted customers across the whole region, each fitted within a day and with no mess. Hear more from our happy customers below.

I am very pleased with the installation and performance of my Sunamp water heater. It is highly economical and I never run out of hot water! Obviously, the upfront cost is rather high compared to other hot water solutions on the market - but overall I am pleased I had the unit installed. North East Heating Solutions are great to deal with and provide excellent customer service.

Mr Taylor

I decided to make the switch to Sunamp to save space and future-proof the hot water in my home. On the day the people involved were great, polite and got on with the job. They removed the old system and took away all rubbish. It was done in about half a day and used it that evening. Compact, easy to use, quiet, hot water on demand, fast flow rate, never seems to run out. Overall very happy, it has assisted with an easier way of living day to day and given me a wardrobe back, would highly recommend.

Mrs Phillips

Huge improvement and well worth the cost
The new heating system installed by North East Systems has been a huge improvement for us and well worth the cost. The new Elkatherm radiators, together with the control system which is via an app on our iphones, have transformed the central heating capability in our house, from inflexible and expensive night storage heaters which ran out of heat by late afternoon to a modern, efficient, flexible and very effective heating system which allows the temperature to be controlled for each room independently. The radiators are quick to warm up a room, and can also be used to maintain a lower base temperature for rooms which are not being used regularly, at a much lower cost. We initially met the MD for NE Heating Solutions, who is called Howard and he provided an excellent overview of how the new radiators work the system benefits and costs, and of the installation process. The installation of the new radiators, and the removal of eight old night storage heaters was done in less than a day with no mess or damage, and the guys who installed the new system were very courteous, tidy and efficient. I would highly recommend NE Heating Solutions to other people who may be wanting to upgrade their central heating system. I wish we had done this years ago.

Mr Grant from Newcastle upon Tyne

Installation was done in a day
Mr Sowden replaced his old night storage heaters for modern, cost-effective German manufactured ELKAtherm radiators.

Mr Sowden

30% cheaper than Fischer
I contacted North East Heating Solutions because I’d already had radiators installed by Fischer in the downstairs of my house, one of which, wasn’t quite the right size so consequently cost a lot of money to run. I asked Howard to replace the radiators upstairs and replace the Fischer one downstairs. I was very happy with Howard who offered the personal service a smaller company can offer and this was mirrored by the engineers who came to install the radiators. They are a very friendly and approachable company to deal with. I asked both North East Heating Solutions and Fischer to quote for the upstairs of my house and I’m pleased to say North East Heating Solutions were 30% cheaper than Fischer. I would be very happy to recommend North East Heating Solutions in the future.

Peter from Reeth

Saved 30% on energy bills
Five years ago, the Zaranko family switched their night storage heaters to ELKAtherm electric radiators that offer full control by time and temperature and at the same time have saved 30% on their electricity bill!

Mr & Mrs Zaranko

Electricity bill cut by 50%
I had my Elkatherm radiators installed 3 years ago and I’ve never been so cosy. My electricity bill has been cut by 50% so whats not to love! Howard came out to do a survey at my home and he was so helpful and answered all my questions, I had some questions after the installation took place and he came back to me very quickly. The council now intend to install gas in the area that I live but I’ve said no. I don’t feel there would be any benefit to having gas in my house. I really would recommend North East Heating Solutions.

Mrs Jones

Friendly and personable
Mr Robinson decided to replace his old, inefficient panel radiators with ELKAtherm electric radiators.

Mr Robinson

Old heating system removed
Great product, fab service and the rads look perfect in a house of this age. Howard came to our cottage and explained how his product worked without being pushy, unlike his competitor who we had seen and dismissed. We placed our order and awaited our new heating. On a date that suited my schedule, NE Heating team turned up. I think the first thing they brought in to the house was a vacuum cleaner! Installation was quick, clean and very efficient. All rubbish was removed along with the old night storage heaters. I received a thorough demonstration of heatapp and I set up all my new radiators easily. I am now adjusting them as we are not used to being this warm! Just fab! We are for now warm and cosy and long may it last!

Sue Duffy

House is now always warm
Learn how North East Heating Solutions helped Mrs Stead to replace her oil filled heating system with fully controllable ELKAtherm electric radiators.

Mrs Stead

Worthwhile cause and valuable gesture
The tree planting and personal dedication initiative from North East Heating Solutions is such a worthwhile cause and valuable gesture. When they installed my new radiators little did I know the extra value I would get from the company. Little did they realise too what a big impression it would make on me and how much I would value it! I am a member of The Woodland Trust for reasons of protecting woodland and wildlife. Well done North East Heating Solutions; through your partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust you are both rooting for our region!

Phil Bramhall

Quality and exceptional customer service
The Zaranko family chose North East Heating Solutions for their quality, price and exceptional customer service.

Mr & Mrs Zaranko

What have our customers had to say?

In a recent survey, we asked hundreds of our customers what they thought about North East Heating; our site, our products and our services. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with customers highly satisfied across all areas!

Commonly highlighted throughout the feedback was our level of expertise and knowledge, along with our dedication to customer support and prompt responses.

Other stats from the survey
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92.15% of our respondents are satisfied with our product and services.